Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Wedding

The Wedding

The following is an extract from a ‘Knitter’s Circle’ thread, an imagined forum for people who knit to meet online and discuss patterns, needles, wool, or general life:

Afternoon ladies, I hope you are all well.

Sylvia – Did you get those needles? Can’t remember if I said but they are a UK size 000, which is 10mm, if you end up buying online. 

Fran – Has the little one arrived yet? Have you finally put those needles down? :-)
I really loved that multi-coloured wool you used for the baby cardigan. Where did you get it from?

So what has everyone been up to this week? All enjoying the sunshine? I’ve been sat in the garden with the dogs, admiring the roses, knitting various bits and pieces, mainly baby clothes. Think Fran’s talk of the impending arrival making me broody. Lol. At this rate, I’m going to have open a shop on Etsy or eBay if there isn’t one on the way shortly!

I love sitting in the garden at this time of year, so peaceful. Inside its constant wedding talk, it’s so bloody dull. And expensive! She now wants cup cakes, instead of a traditional wedding cake. Next she’ll want personalised toppers! It’s so tacky, but…

I know it’s horrible to say, but I am really finding it tedious to smile and nod at more fittings, plans, blah, blah, blah… I want to give her a good shake and tell her to just bloody make her mind up! Wasn’t like this when we got married! Thankfully.

I don’t know why everyone seems so interested in my opinion, I’m not the one getting married. As much as I love Phil, I couldn’t imagine doing it now. I mean tbh ladies, at our age, weddings and funerals are pretty much the same. Except you have to smile inanely at weddings. Although there’s a few funerals I want to do that at. *joke* 

I’m happy for them, obviously, but it’s all I hear. Every day is the same.

Dorothy – Didn’t your daughter get married recently? Was that the same? Or is it just me getting older and more cynical?

I wish I could just take a holiday, a cruise maybe, or a golf and spa break I could pack Phil off whilst I am pampered. Well, we can all dream can’t we? I have got some work tours to do next year, it sounds all glamorous but it really isn’t. It’s just work in another country. Maybe next year I might get a proper holiday, certainly won’t be this one. Not even a day trip to Brighton Pier!

Take care all, speak soon,

Liz x

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