Sunday, 9 December 2012

I Killed Them But They Would Not Die

I Killed Them But They Would Not Die

We all signed for the same reason,
We were all fighting the same enemy,
Although, we chose differing sides,
The battle was the same.

Automated attacks, armoured assaults,
Bullets bounced, ejected by bolts,
Spent shells stuttered against aged ruins,
This church, nor religion, no longer a refuge.

I prayed for the end to come, for the battle to be won,
Knowing they were praying the same, possibly to the same God.
We knew we had to win, the end was inevitable,
We could not lose, but neither could they.

Brigades bombed in Bastion, Jerusalem jarred,
Gibraltar’s garrison gallant, Sarajevo scarred.
Military meddle at Menwith, silent sweeping,
Hakeem hawk hope in Helmand, widows weeping.

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