Thursday, 13 December 2012



As the blood flow decreases,
My heart beat increases,
I feel the toxins, flowing
Through my body, leaving it glowing.

The blues drift away
I don’t care what I say,
So I don’t say a thing
Sitting there like a king.

All alone in my mind
Without a thought to find,
But my friends are here,
Drinking my tequila and beer.

When you were at school,
You just wanted to be cool,
You didn’t think chemistry
Could save you from a monastery.

But imagine life without a drug,
It would be a sink without a plug,
If I didn’t have that buzz
Knowing, we could be caught by the fuzz.

When they take everything away,
And you feel a little down today,
You need something to give you hope,
Ecstasy, cannabis, or dope.

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