Saturday, 2 February 2013

Hurt And Pain

Hurt And Pain

You were all over her
Was I meant to see
Was it meant to be your little secret
Something to be shared with the Lads.

I was hurt, and in pain
Like a beaten child
I never showed you
I never revealed my true feelings.

I tried to get on with life
Tried to forget you
It ain't that easy, that simple
Maybe I tried too hard.

I tried but I couldn't
Why? What is this I'm feeling?
After the hurt, the pain
This feeling is tearing me apart.

Now, you are back to tell me
You want, You need
That you did and still do love me
Why did you choose now?

What made you realise?
Jealousy, because I was with someone else?
Because that someone else was your friend?
Or just because you missed me?

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