Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Game of War (An Alphabet Story)

"Armed. Locked, loaded, and ready to roll."
"Brilliant" I mu
ttered, going into a war zone with an idiot!
"Captain, there's movement"
Doug, my right hand man, called me over.
Eye in position, I could see the target through the lens.
"Fugitive appears to be armed", Doug advised.
Glaringly obvious, I presumed she would be.
Highly unlikely she would lead us to her and not be prepared for the chaos that would ensue.
I called the men in, "This is not a training exercise, target is armed, shoot to k..."
Jingling to life, a mobile phone with the latest annoying animal soundtrack, interrupted my speech.
Kneeling by the ammunition was the idiot from earlier, he looked at the screen and catching my eye, said "women" with a wink.
Losing my composure, "turn that damn thing off. Now!" I snapped.
Managing a military operation requires skill, determination and a strong command.
"Now!" I demanded as the bloody thing screeched again.
Over at the window at the window, something caught Doug's eye.
Pausing, he positioned the zoom on the target.
Questioning Doug was something I learnt not to do; if it was important, he let you know.
Rallying the rest of the men, I advised them  to be prepared, be ready to fire.
Still looking, Doug mumbled to me this was starting to look like a suicide mission.
"Target has four armed guards, marking the perimeter, six inside and enough ammo to take down James Bond!"
Unusual for Doug to be so animated, he was the more studious of the group, a genius with technology but lacking in social skills.
Vast amounts of ammunition was available to us too.
Wondering what had riled Doug, I swapped positions with him so I was looking at the target
Xerosis took hold of my eyes and mouth, as I stood aghast at the scale of her preparation.
“You know what to do men. Take her down. Fire at will...”
“Zac. Zac, it’s time to come in now.” Mother shouted, ending today’s games.

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