Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Do You Love Her?

Do You Love Her?
How do I feel?
Should I feel like this?
I knew how you felt
You told me
You didn’t love me
That you never would
Do you love her?

The reason you stayed
The only reason
Was our bundle of joy
The only thing we have in common
Is the love we share
For our baby
Yeah, but do you love her?

We used to give that
To each other
That love
We had so much
Yet, we were so far apart
After all we have been through
Do you love her?

Why did you?
How could you?
You say, you used to love me
But all that changed
Your love may have stopped
But mine, mine just grows
But do you love her?

I never stopped loving you
I never will
But I know it will never be returned
There’s a place in my heart
Waiting for love, your love.
Well… Do you love her?

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